The Background Story

At the beginning of 2014, I and other participants began to research the development of a machine that could harvest unlimited Zero Point energy. We were inspired by Albert Einstein’s theory of Zero Point energy from 1913. The theory is that at every point in the entire universe there is a minimum energy state, and if it is harvested a new minimum energy state will arise from nothing. In other words, the theory postulates that unlimited energy is present everywhere throughout the universe. The theory was scientifically proven in the 1990s through the Casimir Experiment. We were motivated by a desire that the world could become a place that was not polluted, and we were inspired by the idea that the introduction of unlimited energy could make humanity realise that there are limitless possibilities.

We began to build a machine that generated a strong electromagnetic field which we allowed to affect different liquids in order to start the process of harvesting Zero Point energy. During the summer of 2014 we had a breakthrough. Our experiment showed some results, but they were not what we had unexpected. It seemed that we were adding energy into the experiment liquid without it becoming heated. The energy was absorbed into the Zero Point energy instead of emitting from the Zero Point energy. We also observed other abnormal physical signs, such as the materials of the experimental machine becoming 10 times better electrical conductors than normal, and we were also significantly affected by the energy.

When we were inside the electromagnetic field, we began to notice sensations. I became more sensitive, I could feel the life force flowing more dynamically through my body, my thoughts became calmer, my mind became sharper and I easily attained new insights in general. Others who worked with me on the project noticed the same effects or other unusual things.

Later, we found a way of transferring the field so that others could come into contact with it by storing it in fluorite crystals. This meant that we could begin to experiment with the field with families and friends, and thus gather information on the effects of the field. We also sent some samples to experts in the US who work in the intersection between technology, energy and healing so that we could also obtain their observations on the field and its effects. At this point we called it The NULL-Field, ZAP-field – The Zero Point Absorption Field – or just ‘the field’. Read about the technology here and it's effects here.

Gradually we learned more about the qualities of the field and discovered that everything affected by the field over time was upgraded to possess a greater potential. Matter was purified of all negative and unwanted energies and filled with life force. Additionally, the field proved so powerful that it can help us to achieve a ‘quantum leap’ in our own development.

In May 2015 we discovered a new and better way to generate the field. And we decided to name it the ENAGI-field. This is now integrated in all of our products, and our website with an online shop was opened in August 2015. All in all you could say that we have made Fluorite Crystals super conductive for life force energy.

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