ENAGI Technology

ENAGI crystals are fluorite crystals that, through a process, are made super conductive for lifeforce energy: The energy that humans, animals, plants and every living thing is dependent upon.
A ENAGI crystal consists of a purple fluorite crystal charged with an electromagnetic field of Zero Point energy, also known as scalar energy – a theory that Albert Einstein published in 1913, and which science verified in the 1990s through the Casimir Experiment. It was during an attempt to create a machine that could harvest Zero Point energy that the field came into existence and was transferred to fluorite crystals. Read more about the background story here.

A ENAGI crystal is not just a crystal that contains strengthening and healing qualities, as all crystals do. All regular (non-conductive) crystals have their own qualities or vibrations that can positively affect humans, but only for a very short time before they need to be purified and charged again. Our field crystals do not have these requirements. They contain a field that has been transferred from a machine to the fluorite crystal, and which, depending on the crystal’s weight and size, has a range of between 50 cm and 3 metres. It is primarily the field’s actions and effects that are particular to the ENAGI crystal, and since one of the field’s many qualities is 24/7 nonstop automatic elimination of all disruptive energies, the ENAGI crystal also differs from other crystals in that it does not need to be cleaned. It cleans itself in the field that surrounds it and all other crystals and objects and people who come into physical contact with it and the field’s range.

The ENAGI Field

Everything inside the ENAGI field is directly connected with life force and Zero Point energy, and is constantly and endlessly being filled to its full capacity. The only limit to the free development of life force is our ability to receive it – the force itself is unlimited.
The life force in the ENAGI field is intelligent in that it knows the optimal function of all matter and the unique constellation and frequency of every physical form. What primarily distinguishes one physical form from another is the individual form’s own frequency, also known as its ‘vibration’. Our own bodies contain different atoms, molecules, organs, etc. – all with varying vibrations. Life force flows from the ENAGI field into every single atom, molecule or organ with precisely the vibration that corresponds to the vibration of each individual atom, molecule or organ. All other irrelevant vibrations to the atom, molecule or organ are expelled or purified and eliminated in the ENAGI field during this process. These vibrations may be in the form of thoughts, feelings or physical conditions that block the life force. When these blockages are removed, and the life force is simultaneously introduced, the field acts as an amplifier to the flow and development of the life force.

Fluorite Crystals

The distinctive purple double-pyramid shaped fluorite that you see in the picture features some qualities of its own, apart from the influence of the ENAGI field.

  • It stimulates focus, precision and concentration.
  • It sharpens the mind, allows you to see the big picture and creates clarity.
  • It helps energy flow freely throughout the body and opens you to creativity.
  • It is well suited for spiritual development and meditation.

However, fluorite crystals without ENAGI field transfer – like all crystals – must be cleaned regularly because they soak up and store negative energies. With the influence of the ENAGI field, the fluorite crystals become self-cleaning crystals and all original qualities are strengthened.

ENAGI Crystals

ENAGI crystals are ordinary fluorite crystals that carry the ENAGI field. Through an electromagnetic and chemical process, the fluorite crystals are upgraded to become superconductors of the limitless life force and Zero Point energy present at every point throughout the entire universe. That is, the ENAGI field after being transferred then spreads out from the physical fluorite crystals into a range that varies depending on the weight/size of the fluorite crystal.
The ENAGI field simultaneously amplifies the person’s and all the fluorite crystal’s own qualities to the maximum. Put another way, a ENAGI crystal serves as a portal to a limitless source of energy and vigour while at the same time eliminating energies that disrupt the development of the full energy force.
Only the fluorite crystal, because of its molecular structure, can support the ENAGI field which we transfer using a patented process. You cannot simply purchase a fluorite crystal in a shop or obtain one from nature and achieve the same effect.
The ENAGI field products are the only products of their kind in the entire world.

The ENAGI Bag And The 12 Balancing Crystals

A ENAGI crystal emits a powerful force and can generate strong reactions. For this reason we use other crystals to make the effect more pleasant, immediately useful and optimal for the body. It is somewhat comparable to a high-voltage line that requires a transformer to conduct the electricity to the appliances we know and use. This is why we have selected 12 additional crystals and packaged them together with a small ENAGI crystal in a bag that can be used directly on the body. We call this a ‘ENAGI bag’.
The 12 extra crystals each have their own vibration, and together they cover all of the body’s organs, glands, energy meridians and chakras, making it easier for the body to receive the powerful energy of the ENAGI field because they each optimise the places where the field works to purify or adjust the energy structure. In this way, they help to obtain the maximum benefit of the field from the ENAGI crystal. Conversely, the small ENAGI crystal remains in the bag and optimises and purifies the other 12 crystals so that they function optimally and always with their full potential.
When the ENAGI bag is placed close to the liver, for example, the crystal whose vibration corresponds to the liver’s vibration will work to optimise the liver’s function and eliminate all the other irrelevant vibrations and energies in the liver. If the same crystal had been used on the liver without the ENAGI crystal, its function would be very short-lived, perhaps for only a few seconds, before it would require cleaning again. With a ENAGI bag, all organs, glands, energy meridians and chakras are optimised automatically, all the time, nonstop, 24/7, always, endlessly (and we think that this is a technology that is worth getting out to everyone who wants it).

Link to the list of the 12 balancing crystals here

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