• Uplifting and harmonizing vibrations in rooms, i.e. in homes, at workplaces, in stores, hotels, restaurants, spas and production environments where you want to have good and high vibrations or where you want to give other people a good experience.

  • Concentrating personal energies by carrying it on the body on for wellbeing, calmness and centering in self.

  • Supporting work with consciousness i.e. meditation, yoga, group work, insights into body-mind connection, psychoanalysis, therapy, process work, correcting imbalances, recovering from stress and burnout and in general support the body-mind-soul connection.

  • Power break sessions either at home, at work or additional to professional treatment. Strengthens energies. Destresses, releases physical tension and creates calmness, clairity in body and mind .

Vibes for your living space

Create a beautiful living or working space filled with good vibes that uplifts the atmosphere.

You know when you walk into a place and feel good? Like a store, a restaurant, an office space, somebody´s home? That´s because the vibration is higher than where you came from. A higher vibration gives a higher feeling.

Having ENAGI in the room brings the background stillness into something tangible, like playing a smooth jazzy melody that´s hardly heard but just felt.

Wether you want a more relaxed or elevated space, deeper or higher connection or you want to concentrate a space around a shared activity in a group, anything you do in such a space enhances the intention behind.

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