Imagine your life with extra energy every day.


We made crystals stronger so you can feel stronger too. By enhancing fluorite crystals so they constantly generate new energy they can easily be used in your home, at work, on the go and on the body to get more energy, clarity, inner calm and strength. With their new and altered qualities they automatically find and cleanse impurities and imbalances in their surroundings – all you have to do is place one in a room or on the body and it will work it´s magic all by itself. No need for cleaning or recharging. Read more about the technology here

Use enagi for

  • Cleansing and harmonizing energies in rooms, i.e. in homes, at workplaces, in stores, hotels, restaurants, spas and production environments where you want to have good and high vibrations or where you work with other people´s experience.
  • Reinforcing personal resources by carrying it on the body on the go so you always have access to extra energy, i.e. to stay centered, calm and strong, to have access to more synchronicity and magnetism, to focus and put extra energy behind intentions, goals and things you want to manifest faster.
  • Supporting Energy Healing and Work with Consciousness, i.e. meditation, yoga, group work, insights into body-mind connection, psychoanalysis, therapy, process work, inner journeys, detoxing old mental and emotional patterns, correcting imbalances, recovering from physical injuries, disease, stress and burnout, supports all types of development where a stronger connection between body, mind and source/soul level.
  • Power break sessions either at home or additional to professional treatment. Strengthens energies in the morning and cleanses polluted energies from daily interactions at night. Releases tension and creates calmness, clairity and strength in body and mind.


ENAGI supports you with extra energy to strengthen your resources. When you use ENAGI on a daily basis you have access to more energy continuously. This can have a many different effects. Click here to see and read more testimonials.

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Feeling stuck in a situation? a relationship? a job or in life in general? Need protection from negative energies? help sleeping at night? or maybe just a little daily support rebuilding your energy, finding your focus, getting back in touch with yourself and your higher life goals?? Wether you want to boost your well being and performance or interested in preventing or working with imbalances The ENAGI Personal Set will cover your needs. The small bag with selected crystals powered by a mini ENAGI fluorite is designed to wear on the body and the beautiful Room Crystal works wonders on your nightstand, your work desk or if your want to take it with you everywhere you go. Depending on how and how much you use ENAGI it will help you re-balance your body, mind and spirit and help attract and manifest the resources, solutions, ideas, people and projects you need to fulfill your life. The effects will vary depending on the specific ENAGI product you use – learn about our different products in the shop
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