The Technology

Just as a piece of iron can become a magnet, fluorite crystal can take
on new properties when exposed to a strong electromagnetic field.

We have treated our fluorite crystals to become permanent generators of energy, to release an endless supply of energy to strengthen your resources on the go or to use in rooms to cleanse and harmonize energies.

No need for cleaning or recharging it – with its new altered qualities it automatically corrects and fills up energy in both itself and in the environment surrounding it.

Using a Zero Point Energy Technology enables it to automatically find, cleanse and balance out impurities or imbalances. You don´t have to do anything or know anything. All you have to do is put it in a room or on the body and it will do it´s job.

Fluorite and Zero Point Energy in union

Fluorite is a crystal made of the elements (atoms) Calcium and Fluoride. A crystal is just elements put into a harmonious structure.

Fluorite can be found everywhere in the world in the ground but mostly in China and is used not only to make beautiful jewelry but also in strong materials like asphalt and iron.

We buy fluorite from many different countries (Brazil, South Africa, India and China) and have it sent to Denmark where we treat it with a patented proces that connects the fluorite with Zero Point Energy.

Zero Point Energy was defined by Einstein already in 1913 and is described as a minimum energy that once tapped it automatically reappears. Zero Point Energy is what sustains all living organisms in the physical universe.

In the metaphysical world, fluorite is said to have qualities that help strengthen and uplift you physically as well as mentally, emotionally and spiritually and bring you the calmness, reassurance and confidence to overcome challenges. This is very often exactly what our customers experience.

But ENAGI is more than that

After our proces the fluorite permanently shares the same frequency as Zero Point Energy so there is no need for cleaning or recharging it like regular crystals. Like most other crystals regular fluorite needs cleansing because they absorb energies from their surroundings – with its new altered qualities ENAGI fluorite crystal automatically corrects energy where it´s needed in both itself and in the environment around it.

Since Zero Point Energy vibrates on a very high frequency, the fluorite is now much stronger and does not loose it´s energy when affected by pollutive energies. It simply just nulls out lower energies constantly regenerating energy from the Zero Point.

Fluorite and Zero Point Energy in union gives us a tool that can reinforce our resources with good and clean energy – all the time – everywhere we go.

Mission & Vision

We want to contribute in creating good energy in the world by making holistic innovations that gives modern people access to more and better energy on a daily basis.

We develop products and tools that make it easier to access harmonizing and uplifting energy, serving people who wants energy for what matters in their lives and professionals working with other people as well as Shops, Spa hotels and other Work Places interested in filling their spaces, staff and clients with good vibrations.


ENAGI is created by Electro-engineer and Inventor, Jesper Bendsen, and his partner, Coach and Communication Consultant, Helena Kalsmose.

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