Use enagi for

    •    Reinforcing personal resources by carrying it on the body on the go so you always have access to extra energy, i.e. to stay centered, calm and strong, to have access to more synchronicity and magnetism, to focus and put extra energy behind intentions, goals and things you want to manifest faster.

•    Cleansing and harmonizing energies in rooms, i.e. in homes, at workplaces, in stores, hotels, restaurants, spas and production environments where you want to have good and high vibrations or where you work with other people´s experience.

    •    Supporting Energy Healing and Work with Consciousness, i.e. meditation, yoga, group work, insights into body-mind connection, psychoanalysis, therapy, process work, inner journeys, detoxing old mental and emotional patterns, correcting imbalances, recovering from physical injuries, disease, stress and burnout, supports all types of development where a stronger connection between body, mind and source/soul level.

    •    Power break sessions either at home or additional to professional treatment. Strengthens energies in the morning and cleanses polluted energies from daily interactions at night. Releases tension and creates calmness, clairity and strength in body and mind.
ENAGI is here to support us all. The unlimited source of harmonizing energy can be used in both private and professional settings.


We believe that anyone can influence their own life in a positive way. But it takes energy. When you use ENAGI you get more energy, clarity, inner calm and strength in life because you will have daily and constant access to:

  • Extra energy for thoughts, emotions and the body
  • Cleansing, strengthening and balancing of the natural energy flow
  • Resolve and movement of stagnated energy holding you back in old patterns

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As a professional Practitioner you can use this clean and neutral source of energy either as a stand alone treatment or as an add on and support for any other healing or treatment method in your own combination. If you offer physical treatment or help people in other ways ENAGI will add energetic support to the proces and if you work with energy in general ENAGI will enhance and cleanse other energies continuously.

If you want to use ENAGI as a tool in your work and have easy and fast access to harmonizing energy then we offer a free online certification seminar where you can learn how to use the different ENAGI Products so you are ready to use ENAGI with your clients.


If you would like to be able to sell the products to your clients, customers or network you can become an Affiliate.

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