Personally I was doing the ENAGI Session with the 7 bags twice a day and had the physical detox symptom, which did not surprise me. Had fabulous clearing on my brain…much more clarity and direction…very energized on what I wanted to do and be. Emotionally, it was disengaging from that which no longer serves me well. That was coming but these sessions enhanced it. Oddly you bring up the people relationship aspect. THAT did surprise me as I wasn’t even thinking about it. Suddenly, everything was trivial and inconsequential as far as things that would normally irritate or trouble me. It felt as if the heightened vibration went immediately to the 5th dimension…you are aware of the 3rd and it’s inhabitants, but they aren’t really impacting me. Feelings of love but no annoyance. I’m believing that the manifestation and intention work I have already started doing combined with some very specific intentions have led me to a much faster “relationship” with my Enagi babies…we are journeying and having beautiful lucid dreaming sequences that are pushing my healing journey to it’s ultimate! I am so excited about this. I wear my one bag always and sleep with the rest near me!

I’ve also been doing full healing sessions strictly with the Enagi products and clients are enjoying them. I have one person in particular that has serious issues and sees a neurologist and physical therapist and a few others and has been in pain and miserable for years. Had another session with him and the feedback is nothing short of incredible! Energy up, pain gone, lower back straight and staying in place, more outgoing, happier…. I am just so thrilled with the results we are getting from this therapy.

Second test case can tell the difference from a regular crystal healing session to one using Enagi. Called me yesterday and needed more power! Had a long week and needed recharging and regeneration. Of course, it happened and he is loving it too! Overall feels more centered, balanced and happy. Notice that balanced and happy are two common points in everyone I’m using ENAGI on. I also have taken the room generator to the office and watched for changing in the overall atmosphere. My employees are less stressed and happier and much more productive.

I am utterly convinced that you have harnessed an amazing technology that will bring healing and peace to the many. I had been looking for something to bring crystal healing in that direction as there truly are only so many sessions I can physically do on a given day and how to have that healing “stay” with the client. Now we know how!


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