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71,25 USD (Incl. VAT (25%) )

Use the ENAGI bag to experience more inner calmness, balance and wellbeing in your daily life. It is especially good for:

  • Promoting emotional stability, r .. Read More

ENAGI Personal Set

142,50 USD 121,25 USD (Incl. VAT (25%) )

Cover yourself with good energy – at home, at work and on the go! With this set you can reinforce your ressources and protect your energy everywhere you are.

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ENAGI Session Set

496,25 USD 427,50 USD (Incl. VAT (25%) )

Try the intense, turbo recharging of your energies with a short ENAGI Power Break Session to experience deep calm, relaxation, balancing and healing. The energy will f .. Read More


ENAGI Practitioner Set

653,75 USD 571,25 USD (Incl. VAT (25%) )

Refill yourself and your clients with new and good energy!

Whether you are an experienced healer or a newly started coach you can support your own energy as wel .. Read More


71,25 USD (Incl. VAT (25%) )

Bringing uplifting, calming and comforting energy to your every day life this 100 gram ENAGI crystal with a 10 feet range of effect is great for keeping you safe and s .. Read More


246,25 USD (Incl. VAT (25%) )

This 500 grams balancing, comforting and uplifting ENAGI crystal has a range of effect of 50 feet making it perfect for at family or a house for more then one person.< .. Read More

ENAGI Temple

371,25 USD (Incl. VAT (25%) )

This 1 kilo energy-harmonizing and uplifting ENAGI Crystal has a range of effect of 90 feet which makes it perfect for big buildings, spaces and groups of people, i.e .. Read More

ENAGI Pointer

83,75 USD (Incl. VAT (25%) )

The ENAGI Pointer is the healer´s darling.

Like a magic stick it shoots out the vital and harmonizing Life Force Energy from both ends, making it suitable for .. Read More