ENAGI 7 Bag Session Set

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HOME KIT – Try the intense, turbo recharging of your energies with a short Power Break Session to experience deep calm, relaxation, and balance. The energy will flow to the places in your body or mind that needs help restoring the most.

  • Clears your mind and balances your energies
  • Cleanses from daily energy imprints
  • Relaxes body, soothes and calms the nerves
  • Reduces or eliminates pain and discomfort
  • Prevents disease
  • Helps the body recover faster from disease

See what other people say about their ENAGI session experience under Video Testimonials. Some people feel relief of pain in specific areas with past injuries. When the energy from ENAGI is working in these areas it is possible that you will relive some of the pain and tension but it will pass during the session, i.e. you can experience some uneasiness or discomfort in the beginning that passes after about 10 minutes in and replace itself with deep calm. Most people only experience the relaxation and calm.


There are 7 ENAGI Bags in the Session Set. The bags each contain the same: a mini ENAGI fluorite that emits life force energy on all frecuencies without ever running dry. Together with 12 other selected crystals that adjust the energy to the body they stabilize and harmonise the cells in the body so they can contain more energy. Because each bag contains a self-cleansing ENAGI crystal that does not absorb energy from it surroundings but continuously regenerate new energy from the Zero Point the other 12 crystals are constantly recharged and cleansed to function their best all the time. This also means that the bags can be used by different persons without being polluted and constantly give away new energy.


Lie down a place where you are not disturbed for about 15-20 minutes. A morning session will give you fresh energy to get your day started while an evening session will reset and cleanse off the impressions of the day and make sure they don´t stay in your energy field. Do a session when in need during the day to clear your mind and balance your system, i.e. before an important meeting or event. When used on a daily basis it will rebuild your enery after a long period with stress and exhaustion.

If you feel a cold or other disease coming lay down with the crystals to prevent and if the damage has already been done do a session every day to soothe the pain and discomfort from the disease and help your body recover faster.


Place the ENAGI Bags on each energy center, also called chakra. The crystals should stay in the bag, don´t remove them from the bag (only when you want to adore them). Set your timer for 15-20 minutes.

1st. Energy Center: put the first bag between your legs at the end of your spine as close to rectum as possible.
2nd Energy Center: put the second bag on your womb between the pelvis bone and navel.
3rd Energy Center: put the third bag on your solar plexus between the navel and chest.
4th Energy Center: put the fourth bag on the middle of the chest
5th Energy Center: put the fifth bag on your throat
6th Energy Center: put the sixth bag on your forehead
7th Energy Center: put the seventh bag on top of your head (use a pillow to support it so the bag is placed as close as possible to where babies have a soft spot)

It is not crucial that the bags are placed in the accurate place as the ENAGI crystal has a range of effect about 1-2 feet but you will feel them better physically when on the body.

Then you just try to relax, palms up in receiving mode. You don´t have to think about or do anything although you can have an intention if you like – it is best just to receive the energy and let it work it´s wonders.

Get personal support

If you would like to learn more about what ENAGI is and how you can use the energy to help yourself and others then find us on facebook and apply for our closed group: ENAGI & Friends. You will find video material, access to support, Q&A´s and a network with other practitioners around the globe.

If you have questions about your reactions to ENAGI, need help on your personal energy issues or want coaching on how to use your ENAGIs for a specific personal purpose, send Helena an email to book a personal skype session:

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