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This 500 grams harmonizing and uplifting ENAGI crystal has a range of effect of 50 feet making it perfect for at family or a house for more then one person.

It is also suitable for small groups sharing a project or working with their consciousness, i.e. at an office or in a seminar or other event where people have a shared intention. It can be used for any space like offices, shops, reception areas where you want a good customer experience and for groups of people sharing a common goal like meditation or healing groups where it strengthens inner connection, awareness and insight.

  • Harmonizes energies between people in a group
  • Creates flow and good energy in a room
  • Allow for thoughts and emotions to flow and bring new insights
  • Protects agains EMF (electromagnetic radiation)
  • Help ”detoxing” outdated thinking and rigid behaviour
  • Strengthens intuition, senses and reinforce creativity
  • Brings physical, emotional and mental balance and harmony between body, mind and spirit


Covers about 1900 sqf. Place it in the middle of a house or where you want the effect. In groups place it so everyone is covered or in the middle. Use it with intention to give the energy a positive direction.

ENAGI HOUSE is perfect for meditation where it strengthens the connection to awareness and insight. Since the ENAGI field is very strong we recommend that you also buy an ENAGI Bag to keep you grounded and balanced when receiving the high vibrating energy. In families children are more in tune with the high vibration of the ENAGI energy and don´t need the same support as grown ups.

No need for cleansing or recharging. With its new altered qualities ENAGI fluorite crystal automatically corrects energy where it´s needed in both itself and in the environment surrounding it.

Linked to Zero Point Energy the ENAGI fluorite vibrates on a very high frecuency, and is now much stronger so it does not loose it´s energy when affected by pollutive energies. It simply just nulls out lower energies constantly regenerating energy from the Zero Point.

Get personal support

If you would like to learn more about what ENAGI is and how you can use the energy to help yourself and others then find us on facebook and apply for our closed group: ENAGI & Friends. You will find video material, access to support, Q&A´s and a network with other practitioners around the globe.

If you have questions about your reactions to ENAGI, need help on your personal energy issues or want coaching on how to use your ENAGIs for a specific personal purpose, send Helena an email to book a personal skype session: helena@enagi.com

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