ENAGI Practitioner Set

ENAGI Practitioner Set

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Refill yourself and your clients with new, high vibrating energy!

Imaging being supported, protected and upliftet while working with client´s energies. Whether you are an experienced healer or a newly started coach you can support your own energy as well as your client´s energy with ENAGI. Use it in addition to your own service or as a stand alone treatment to relax and open up your clients before your conversation or treatment.

The Set contains 7 ENAGI bags for balancing session, an ENAGI Room Crystal to support and uplift the energy in the room and an ENAGI Pointer for healing of specific areas. Write us at hello@enagi.com if you wish to swop the pointer for a bag or extra Room crystals – we don´t mind swopping before sending but the price is the same.

Offer the 15-20 minute ENAGI Power Break Session as a stand alone treatment or integrate it into your service to cleanse, open and ground your client so he or she is more open and receptive to the information and solutions arrising in your session. Place the ENAGI bags on each of the 7 body chakra for about 20 minutes. You can read more about the effects of the Power break session here.

Place the ENAGI Room Crystal between you or as close to you both as possible so you are both being supported and upliftet by it´s energy. You will both have access to more information, feelings and solutions. The ENAGI Pointer is used for healing of specific points. It cleanses all energystructures, brings all energies, glands and organs into balance and fills up the organism with new vital life force energy where it is needed.

Practitioner´s support

If you work with other people´s development and sign up for the Online Certification Seminar you will have access to support anytime you need it. You can reach us by email, phone or use the closed facbook group where you can also ask questions and receive answers from our many ENAGI Practitioners around the globe.

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