ENAGI Tower Purple-Red

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Weight: app. 1,1 to 2 Kg / 40 to 70 oz. purple-red fluorite treated with Zero Point Energy Technology that makes the energy stronger, self cleansing and able to send our energy on any frequency needed.
Effects are a combination between the qualities of fluorite in general and the effects of the treatment with Zero Point Technology:

  • Enhances creativity & cooperation.
  • Strengthens concentration and focusing of energies.
  • clears negative energies, patterns and emotions bringing up blocked energy to be released.
  • Uplifts, balances and harmonizes energies in and between people in a group.
  • Strengthens connection, consciousness and insight.
  • Creates a better flow and higher vibrational energy in the room.
  • Neutralize harmful effect from damaging EMR (electromagnetic radiation).
  • Enhances intuition, senses and creativity.
  • Brings physical, emotional and mental balance and harmony between body, mind and spirit.
  • Activates untapped resources.

Weight: app. 1,1 to 2 kg / 40 to 70 oz.

ENAGI field – diameter: 33 to 60 m / 110 to 200 ft.

ENAGI – covered area: 850 to 2.800 m2 / 9,200 to 30,400 sqf.

COLOR: Because all our fluorite crystals are treated with Zero Point Technology they all have the same effects (see above) but the color adds an extra focus – in this case the Purple-red gives an extra focus on the body, healing and stabilisation of the physical body but in the purple-red combination the purple will dominate. Also this ENAGI Tower has a layer of clear green which corresponds to the heart.

SHAPE: The shape creates a field of energy moving upwards while standing firmly on the ground but because the crystal is so big it creates a large field around it in all directions.

Place it in the middle of a building or where you want the effect. In groups, place it so everybody is within the range of effect, preferably in the center but not crucial to effect. As the ENAGI field is very strong we recommend that you also purchase an ENAGI Bag to ground, balance and support you when in the high vibrational energy. Also use it with intention to give the energy a positive direction.

No need for cleansing or recharging. With its new altered qualities the ENAGI fluorite crystal automatically corrects energy where it´s needed in both itself and in the environment surrounding it.

Linked to Zero Point Energy the ENAGI fluorite vibrates on a very high frequency, and is now much stronger so it does not loose it´s energy when affected by pollutive energies. It simply just nulls out lower energies constantly regenerating energy from the Zero Point.

The points on the crystals are mildly facetted to avoid that they break during transportation so the ends may feel slightly rough. The colors and the shape varies a little because we are dealing with 100% natural stones. Expect tiny ticks but only minor, those with bigger defects are sold as second hand with price cuts elsewhere in our shop (Ship from Europe).

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