ENAGI Tower Vibes – Purple

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$ 1.069,60

Uplifting and harmonizing vibes for home decoration and professional environments.

Reach in diameter: 60 to 90 m / 180 to 270 ft.
Covered area: 2800 to 6300 m2 / 25000 to 57000 sqf.
Weight: app. 2,5 to 3,5 kg / 70 to 105 oz.
Height: 20-30 cm / 8-12 inch.

No need for cleansing or recharging like with normal crystals.

As the ENAGI field can have an influencial effect on some people (only adults), we recomend that you also purchase the ENAGI Bag for balance and grounding.

The points on the crystals are mildly facetted to avoid that they break during transportation so the ends may feel slightly rough. The colors and the shape varies a little because we are dealing with 100% natural stones. Expect tiny ticks but only minor, those with bigger defects are sold as second hand with price cuts elsewhere in our shop (Ship from Europe).

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