Online Certification

Online Certification

$ 337,00 Incl. VAT (25%)

The online certification is a video file in English that you can watch at home, a little less than 2 hours long.

In the video we walk you through the technology, our terminology, the different crystals and their effects plus give you a few exercises that provides a good foundation for you if you want to use ENAGI in your practice and with your clients.

The certification will enable you to become a reseller and buy the crystals with a 30% discount if you want to not only use the crystals during sessions with clients but also want to sell them to your clients. At the time the video was recorded resellers needed to buy a first time minimum purchase  but that is cancelled so now you can buy what you need when you need it.

Furthermore you will get the opportunity to participate in the affiliate program so if you know other healers, coaches, practitioners, therapists etc who would be interested in taking the online course and also become resellers you will receive 10% of their sale. There is only this one level as we do not wish to work with multilevel marketing but just give people who are already interested an advantage when helping to spread the knowledge about ENAGI.

You will become a member of our closed facebook group where you can exchange knowledge with ENAGI practitioners from Denmark, USA and the UK, ask questions and share experiences.