I have gotten to know Helena and Jesper who are behind ENAGI through our sparring on communication and have experienced their incredible knowledge and passion for their products as a guiding star for the big difference they want to make in people´s lives. I use ENAGI House myself to create a healthy and strong energy in my office which everyone who comes in notice with joy and every time I take the stone in my hands I am surprised about the power it sends out and the big effect it has. I am a born skeptic but I surrender and recognize that ENAGI has gotten an incredibly valuable place in my daily work with professional business people and I can only recommend others to try if this could also make a difference in their lives. VIBEKE HARTKORN, COMMUNICATION ADVISOR, DENMARK


I wanted to try the ENAGI Bag on my shoulder because I had had pain there for over half a year and I couldn´t seem to figure out what was wrong. So I tied the bag around my arm and slept with it at night. The first night was a little uneasy but after the second night the pain diminished and now it´s almost gone. I also noticed that I became much clearer in my priorities and made some big decisions. MALUE MARY MONTCLAIRE, JEWELRY DESIGNER, DENMARK


I was just curious and thought it would be fun to experiment with so I put the ENAGI Bag in my purse and placed it on me at night when watching the TV and I noticed how I started expressing myself in a more explicit way to people, saying yes when I meant yes and no when i meant no. Also I felt like making a vision for how I wanted to spend the next period of time in my life. It´s as if everything I aim at happens very quickly. LENE PEDERSEN, MANAGER, DENMARK


I wanted to lose some weight but can´t walk too far without getting really exhausted because I have KOL (lungdisease) so I tied the bag to my brah to keep it close to my lungs while going for a walk. Now it feels as if I can just keep on walking and I´ve lost 10 pounds. I also placed the ENAGI bag on my forehead for 20 minutes every night for a week to improve my eyesight because I have double sight and now I can do my crosswords and read without using the glass as much as before. KRISTA SPLIID, RETIRED, DENMARK


I am so happy to see your website for the stones, I did not understand how to use them when I got them, so left them in the drawer by my bed. I do sleep more soundly now. I tried them a couple of times when I went to the gym to work out. I work out with a trainer to help build up my core muscles, to keep my back bones and joints from slipping out of place. When I had the stones in my pocket I was able to increase the weight I can lift and even after I didn’t wear them (no pocket) the weight increase stayed. This is significant because I didn’t not increase the weight I could lift for a year before that. Now I am increasing every month, even when I don’t have the stones on me. Also my knee had been very painful for a few days so I put the Stones on it and when I woke up this morning my knee is much better. I have the bag pinned to my blue jeans at the knee, this is really helping. When I took my jeans off to have a shower, I could feel the pain slightly, so I will keep them pinned there until it is healed. SANDIE POSSMAN, USA


I use it to become sharper at my work. I have the Room Crystal in my clinic and experience how it holds the energy so I can channel energy better and also adjust to what is there in the room instead of going into personal experiences etc. I also have an ENAGI Bag behind my back close to my root chakra. It helps me keep up the energy because it has all the chakras represented apart from the ENAGI crystal – it helps hold the vibration through my physical body. I also use the Room crystal a lot in my meditation to lift the vibration faster so ”my ship can reach further”. In stead of using half an hour reaching that state I can just take my stone with me and travel faster. It´s important to me to use my ENAGI when I´m calm and not when I´m restless, it works better that way. I feel that the ENAGI crystals are her to create good energy and help heal so even though it´s intense, it´s for a good purpose. On the days when I´m in a personal process, mentally and emotionally, it can be difficult at work because I´m there but also in my own proces at the same time. Then the Bag works on my root chakra so I can better create a flow where I´m fully present so I use it every day at work. I also put ENAGI with my Aroma Soma oils so it can generate energy for them and placed it in my Amethyst cave so the two crystals can have an energetic interplay. DIANE AURORA SOA, HEALER, DENMARK


First I used the bag that gave me much more contact with myself so I could feel the difference between my own and other people´s emotions. I became more honest and brave and started taking decisions from a deeper place within myself instead of just following what other´s thought would be a good idea. Later I got the bigger House crystal that I use to become more conscious in different areas of my life by placing it in the energy fields in my home where I want to make a change. The first time I experienced the effect of ENAGI was at an event where we meditated with the big stones and I could feel how my own energy field became bigger and strengthened in the energy field og the crystals. At the moment I also use the session set to take a power break when I need to align myself and gain more energy and clarity. All in all I think it prevents me from letting myself get carried away with inner drama and give me a feeling of courage and certainty, a kind of inner calm in the midst of chaos within and around me. KATRINE HAARBY VEJLGAARD, COACH & COUNSELLOR, DENMARK


Personally I was doing the ENAGI Session with the 7 bags twice a day and had the physical detox symptom, which did not surprise me. Had fabulous clearing on my brain…much more clarity and direction…very energized on what I wanted to do and be. Emotionally, it was disengaging from that which no longer serves me well. That was coming but these sessions enhanced it. Oddly you bring up the people relationship aspect. THAT did surprise me as I wasn’t even thinking about it. Suddenly, everything was trivial and inconsequential as far as things that would normally irritate or trouble me. It felt as if the heightened vibration went immediately to the 5th dimension…you are aware of the 3rd and it’s inhabitants, but they aren’t really impacting me. Feelings of love but no annoyance. I’m believing that the manifestation and intention work I have already started doing combined with some very specific intentions have led me to a much faster “relationship” with my Enagi babies…we are journeying and having beautiful lucid dreaming sequences that are pushing my healing journey to it’s ultimate! I am so excited about this. I wear my one bag always and sleep with the rest near me! I’ve also been doing full healing sessions strictly with the Enagi products and clients are enjoying them. I have one person in particular that has serious issues and sees a neurologist and physical therapist and a few others and has been in pain and miserable for years. Had another session with him and the feedback is nothing short of incredible! Energy up, pain gone, lower back straight and staying in place, more outgoing, happier…. I am just so thrilled with the results we are getting from this therapy. Second test case can tell the difference from a regular crystal healing session to one using Enagi. Called me yesterday and needed more power! Had a long week and needed recharging and regeneration. Of course, it happened and he is loving it too! Overall feels more centered, balanced and happy. Notice that balanced and happy are two common points in everyone I’m using ENAGI on. I also have taken the room generator to the office and watched for changing in the overall atmosphere. My employees are less stressed and happier and much more productive. I am utterly convinced that you have harnessed an amazing technology that will bring healing and peace to the many. I had been looking for something to bring crystal healing in that direction as there truly are only so many sessions I can physically do on a given day and how to have that healing “stay” with the client. Now we know how! LYNN WOBIG, REIKI & CRYSTAL HEALER, COLUMBIA USA


It gives me extra energy. I can feel the energy running in my body and feel the need to use the bag on me to meet my challenges. It offers support in the processes going on in my life. And they are so beautiful – I´ve seen many crystals in my life but these ones have a very special and refined energy. SOFIA KRISTOFFERSEN, DENMARK


I love my ENAGI stone. It pulsates just by looking at it. There are things that have fallen into their place, things said out loud and sorted out. LENE GAMMELTOFT, ADVISOR IN THE FINANCIAL SECTOR, DENMARK


I sleep with the ENAGI bag under my pillow every night. It gives me the inner peace I need in my everyday life. My wife and I also use the ENAGI stones working with clients in our healing practice, either the Room Crystal and the Pointer or the 7 bags for chakra sessions which helps the healings come through. Sometimes they work as a truth serum of some kind so emotions and frustrations that has been suppressed for a long time comes to the surface to be expressed. Sometimes it´s very subtle what it (ENAGI) does but it certainly make a difference. PAUL LYTKEN, HEALER, DENMARK​


I´ve used the ENAGI stone in my preparation for several important interviews where it has worked magic for me. During preparations I`ve used it to tune into what atmosphere would be successful and make my target at the interview. Afterwards, during the interview, I´ve felt how it helped me to create exactly that atmosphere. Very effect full! The ENAGI stone is still very new to me but I don´t doubt that I will find many situations in the future where it will serve me as a wonderful tool. E. HYLDGAARD, INTERNATIONAL CEO IN THE PRIVATE HEALTHCARE SECTOR, DENMARK


We didn´t tell our costumers because it´s a business secret but our costumers always stop and reflect as soon as they get near the crystals and I have more luck in selling more. I am deeply grateful that I found ENAGI by coincidence and I never want to be without the stone and the ENAGI bag of good fortune, I sleep with it every night. MALENE BLOCH, STORE MANAGER, DENMARK​


Using the ENAGI Crystals gives me more calmness and clarity. My relationship with my children has been strengthened since I started using them. They bring calmness and a better dynamics at home. When I get home from work and need to be there for my kids and I don´t have more to give from I will do a 20 minutes Power Break Session to clear my mind and reset everything. That cleanses off the frustrations and stress I´ve picked up during the day and gives me new energy to deal with the situations that arise, like if my son starts yelling – in stead of getting angry and shout back because I just don´t have the energy it takes – I will sit down and calmly ask him why he is yelling. Not that I´m a perfect parent now but I seem to look at the mistakes I make in a different light than before and learn much more from them so I can deal with the challenges. The most important thing in my life is my children and I want with all my heart to be the best possible parent to them so they can have a good life. ENAGI supports me in doing that and help me work towards that goal. JAKOB ANDERSEN, SALES ASSISTANT, DENMARK


The ENAGI crystal came into my life almost a month ago and the positive transformations that I have experienced are nothing less than profound for me. After a couple of weeks I felt a huge positive shift in my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy. I have experienced consistent happiness, clarity, focus, motivation, energy, empowerment, courage, radiance, love, liberation, enthusiasm and upliftment without barely any wobble. I have let go of physical, mental, emotional and relational stress, tension and heavy energy that was suppressing my mojo and it has all been really simple and really easy. Any low vibe patterns that made me feel stuck have cleared. I feel better than I have felt in years…and I was already feeling really good. I feel consistently connected with my Highest, Truest and Deepest Self. I feel like I am consistently connected to Source Energy and am back home in my most natural energetic field. The people, places and things that I have been attracting in alignment with my Purpose, Values, Message and Vision have been truly magical. I have never felt more aligned with and congruent with who I truly am and why I am here. There have been countless epiphanies and breakthroughs on all levels.Truly, I have never been consistently happier than I am right now. I love and resonate so deeply with the ENAGI Field. It supports me in being the best me that I can be. And it keeps getting better and better and better… ANNE VAN DE WATER, TRANSFORMATION COACH, SANTA BARBARA, USA​


I´ve travelled a lot to China and have had a lot of challenges with jetlag that makes me unbalanced. ENAGI helps me find my balance again. It is physically cleansing to have the crystals near me. I have become much mor clear in my communication, cut through the chase and tell it like it is in stead of beating round the bush. They give a really good flow of energy and work on my energy system. But as I am very sensitive on the energetic level I can get a little dizzy if I wear the bag for too long. I also use it to protect my energy system so I don´t take in bad energy from other people and places. It feels like a cool white energy surrounding and protecting me but if I get too much of that energy I become dizzy and lose my grounding. I feel the white energy in my meditation only when I use the crystals. It´s a higher energy that I can tap into from another, almost divine place. I know this white energy very well after working many years in the spiritual realm but the ENAGI bag intensifies the connection with it. I´m in a situation now where I need to find new grounds – I will use the bag in my meditations to find out what needs to happen now and keep it close to me for protection. HEIDI HERSOM, DENMARK


My ENAGI crystal is working nicely and I´ve had the pleasure of feeling all my organs in turns and now have a feeling of having been ”reset”… I am very satisfied. ANITA GROENBECH, JEWELRY DESIGNER, DENMARK


I should tell you that I am not new to working with crystals, and have been doing so for almost 20 years. I would like to share with you some of what I have experienced working with the ENAGI Crystals. One of my issues involves breaking a habit. When I started working with the ENAGI crystals, I was reminded to state my desire in a positive way, such as “I take proper care of my body.” That reminder was internal, and I believe was prompted by working with the crystals. This is still a work in progress. Last night, I was experiencing sciatic pain that was radiating down the side of my leg, and having trouble sleeping. I took some aspirin, which usually helps just a little. I put the bag directly on the sciatic nerve, and the pain went away almost immediately. When I removed the bag, the pain returned, so I slept with the bag on the sciatic nerve, and work up this morning with no recurrence of the pain. ROSEANNE ROSVALLY, USA


I was given a bag by a friend as a present so at first I didn´t think too much about what it really was – I just put it in my pocket. After a week I lost it and it wasn´t until it was gone that I noticed all the good things that had happened to me in the week that I had it on me – I had somehow felt better. Later I bought the ENAGI Room Crystal to try it out and after a few days I had some sort of insight into a pattern I´ve had in my relationships with women. I´m now working on changing that. MARK HOLST-MIKKELSEN, STRATEGY CONSULTANT, DENMARK

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