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25 February 2018 - 25 February 2019
25 February 2018 - 25 February 2019

Become a Certified ENAGI Practitioner

Time: Saturday 24 March 2018 18:00 - 21:00
Location: Live Online Seminar with creator and owner - Jesper Bendsen and Helena Kalsmose

Working with other people - supporting and lifting them as you do - is a very fulfilling yet demanding job. And although you love doing it, it takes a lot of energy and a high vibration to really lift people while keeping your own energy levels up.

You need energy to constantly stay connected to your own source and ENAGI is here to support us all clearing everything in the way of connecting fully to source energy.

At ENAGI we are very dedicated to support you and your clients coming into a perfect balance while healing traumas and clearing physical as well as mental, emotional and spiritual blocks – we believe this is an inmensely important job in these transformational times.

This new holistic innovation makes it possible for you to get access to an infinite supply of Life Force Energy that constantly harmonizes your own as well as your client´s energies and everyone within the range of effect of the crystals. The constant flow and the strength of the energy makes all the difference from other energy tools on the market right now. 

As a professional you can use ENAGI as stand alone treatment but you can also support any other healing or treatment modality you are currently using with ENAGI in your own combination.

If you offer physical or mental treatment it will add the energetic support to the work to lift and catalyst processes and if you work with energy it will amplify and cleanse it continuously and make results manifest quicker, revealing the essential underlying issues, thoughts and emotions and help correct them to restore balance.
As a teacher running groups it will help you lift the energy and support the intention for the work in the group. Adding ENAGI to your practice works as a catalyst for the intention and purpose you and your clients have for the work you are doing together and separately.

Join our 3 hour LIVE online Certification Seminar on March 24th if you want to know more about this latest energy technology.

 We have set the event to happen on a Saturday in the evening in Denmark so that our growing community in the States can participate in the morning and around noon so depending on where in the United States you are we will start at:

9.00 am PST (California)
12.00 pm EST (New York)
18.00 pm CET (Copenhagen)

Chiropractor and mindfulness instructor, Jasmine Petterson from Denmark says: I´ve used the House Crystal on my desk and noticed a bigger openess in my clients towards their inner psychological processes. A bigger insight into what the treatment has done to their body and mind. The 7 point session with the 7 bags has given my patients calmness, welness, energy and a wish for more.

And Reiki/Crystal healer, Lynn Wobig from Columbia, USA says: ...the feedback is nothing short of incredible! Energy up, pain gone, lower back straight and staying in place, more outgoing, happier.... I am just so thrilled with the results we are getting from this therapy.
(read more testimonials below)

After the Seminar you can start doing sessions with your clients and watch how your own and their results takes off. And if you feel like helping your clients even more when they are not with you this seminar also certifies you to become a reseller so your clients can buy their own ENAGI from you to bring home and everywhere they go.

In the 3 hour seminar we will cover:

•    Why the ENAGI Crystals are new and different from any other energetic tool you know
•    What Source Energy is and how it works in this new technology.
•    The effects from the different ENAGI products so you know which ones to use how and when
•    Q&A with you. If you send in your questions before we start we will include them in the seminar and tailor our information to your needs.

Before/during the Seminar we invite you to clarify your motivation for how you would like to use this energy - what you want it to do for yourself and what you want it to do for your clients. This is also why you need to purchase the ”Practitioner Set” if you don´t already have it - if possible, in time to have tried it yourself before the Seminar.

The ENAGI Practitioner Set consist of:

•    7 ENAGI Bags for power breaks with harmonizing effect – for intensive cleansing and balancing of all energies in a 20 minute session

•    1 ENAGI Room (3 meter range of effect) to keep close to yourself and your client while in dialogue or treatment to keep the vibration high

•    1 ENAGI Pointer for diagnosis & focus treatment (if you wish to swop for another Room Crystal this is possible but price will be the same)

Sign up by purchasing the Seminar in our online shop. If you live in the United States we have a distributor in Atlanta, Georgia from where we will ship the crystals to you. If you live in another contry we will ship from Denmark.

PRICE including

Seminar Fee of US$ 307,-
Practitioner Set US$ 622,-
US$ 929

Early bird price before March 10th:

US$ 867

If you already have the crystals the early bird price when buying before March 10th is

US$ 247

All prices are ex. TAX/VAT.

After March 10th the prices will go back to US$ 307 and US$ 929, ex tax/vat. So go ahead and reserve your seat in our online shop

When visiting our website make sure to mark the language and currency you wish to display in the top left side.

If you don´t have the crystals yet you can purchase the Seminar with the Crystals in one order using this link to the shop

or purchase only the seminar if you already have the crystals using this link

After the seminar you can retail the crystals. If you want to become a reseller we can send you a discount code to purchase the crystals with your retail discount once you´ve purchased the online certification seminar.

We are happy to answer any question you might have, please write to us here: hello@enagi.com

Lynn Wobig, Reiki & Crystal Healer, Columbia USA
As a healer I became excited at the possibility of giving my clients the benefit of the Enagi crystal to strengthen the work we had already done. Making the effects of the session last and our next session starting from a higher vibration to get even better results.

I've also been doing full healing sessions strictly with the Enagi products and clients are enjoying them. I have one person in particular that has serious issues and sees a neurologist and physical therapist and a few others and has been in pain and miserable for years. Had another session with him and the feedback is nothing short of incredible! Energy up, pain gone, lower back straight and staying in place, more outgoing, happier.... I am just so thrilled with the results we are getting from this therapy.

Second test case can tell the difference from a regular crystal healing session to one using Enagi. Called me yesterday and needed more power! Had a long week and needed recharging and regeneration. Of course, it happened and he is loving it too! Overall feels more centered, balanced and happy. Notice that balanced and happy are two common points in everyone I'm using ENAGI on. I also have taken the Room generator to the office and watched for changing in the overall atmosphere. My employees are less stressed and happier and much more productive.

I am utterly convinced that you have harnessed an amazing technology that will bring healing and peace to the many. I had been looking for something to bring crystal healing in that direction as there truly are only so many sessions I can physically do on a given day and how to have that healing "stay" with the client. Now we know how!

Personally I was doing the ENAGI Session with the 7 bags twice a day and had the physical detox symptom, which did not surprise me. Had fabulous clearing on my brain...much more clarity and direction...very energized on what I wanted to do and be. Emotionally, it was disengaging from that which no longer serves me well. That was coming but these sessions enhanced it. Oddly you bring up the people relationship aspect. THAT did surprise me as I wasn't even thinking about it. Suddenly, everything was trivial and inconsequential as far as things that would normally irritate or trouble me. It felt as if the heightened vibration went immediately to the 5th dimension...you are aware of the 3rd and it's inhabitants, but they aren't really impacting me. Feelings of love but no annoyance. I'm believing that the manifestation and intention work I have already started doing combined with some very specific intentions have led me to a much faster "relationship" with my Enagi babies...we are journeying and having beautiful lucid dreaming sequences that are pushing my healing journey to it's ultimate! I am so excited about this. I wear my one bag always and sleep with the rest near me!

Jasmine Petersson, Chiropractic and Reiki Healer, Denmark
When introduced to the ENAGI crystals there was an instant attraction. I felt the amplifying effect they have on my ability to heal, more mental clarity and I missed them until coming into contact with them again. Personally I am sleeping better and dreams are more clear, more calmness, more and extra energy to start bigger projects.
As a practitioner I´ve become better, more efficient and insightful. During treatments they give me more energy, elevated consciousness about positions and the client´s issues.

On a higher note the crystals have given me more energy, clarity and insight into the processes. They help me in my work to give clients more awareness about themselves and support the healing proces.

I´ve used the House Crystal on my desk and noticed a bigger openess in my clients towards their inner psychological processes. A bigger insight into what the treatment has done to their body and mind. The 7 point session with the 7 bags has given my patients calmness, welness, energy and a wish for more.

To me the ENAGI crystals are not only calming, harmonizing, vitalising and painrelieving – they are a powerful tool for harmonious transformation. They could be very efficient used for stressed out and mentally exhausted people on the verge of burnout, everybody with an inbalance in body or mind, people in pain or people who are just interested in the personal transformation or even feng shui.

Anne van de Water, Santa Barbara, USA
Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of hosting Jesper and Helena from Copenhagen and a group of 20 incredible high vibe people who are all doing beautiful and positive work on the planet for a group talk about and meditation with Jesper’s magical creation - the ENAGI Crystal.

Everyone who attended the talk and meditation and experienced the ENAGI crystal shared that they felt calm, ease, peaceful, clear, focused, uplifted, love, light, connected to Source Energy, happy, care free, worry free, liberated and expansive. Many people shared that they usually have to go through some kind of physical, mental or emotional preparation to meditate and that they dropped right in to the meditative zone more quickly, easily and effortlessly without any prep than they have ever experienced before.

The ENAGI crystal came into my life almost a month ago and the positive transformations that I have experienced are nothing less than profound for me.

I have experienced consistent happiness, clarity, focus, motivation, energy, empowerment, courage, radiance, love, liberation, enthusiasm and upliftment without barely any wobble. I have let go of physical, mental, emotional and relational stress, tension and heavy energy that was suppressing my mojo and it has all been really simple and really easy. Any low vibe patterns that made me feel stuck have cleared. I feel better than I have felt in years…and I was already feeling really good. I feel consistently connected with my Highest, Truest and Deepest Self. I feel like I am consistently connected to Source Energy and am back home in my most natural energetic field.

The people, places and things that I have been attracting in alignment with my Purpose, Values, Message and Vision have been truly magical. I have never felt more aligned with and congruent with who I truly am and why I am here.There have been countless epiphanies and breakthroughs on all levels. Truly, I have never been consistently happier than I am right now.

Be aware though, people who don’t like or don’t want to positively change, grow and evolve do not like to be in the ENAGI Field because it creates a total physical, mental, emotional and relational transformation. It will clear whatever is not aligned with your highest and best good and will re-align you with and re-activate your highest potential.

This is one of the main reasons I love and resonate so deeply with the ENAGI Field. It’s next level VIBRATION TRANSFORMATION and activates TRUE SELF MASTERY. It supports me in being the best me that I can be and supports others in being the best them that they can be.

Diane Soa, Healer Denmark
I have the Room Crystal in my clinic and experience how it holds the energy so I can channel energy better and also adjust to what is there in the room instead of going into personal experiences etc. I also have an ENAGI Bag behind my back close to my root chakra so I can better create a flow where I´m fully present so I use it every day at work.  It helps me keep up the energy because it has all the chakras represented apart from the ENAGI crystal – it helps hold the vibration through my physical body.

I also use the Room crystal a lot in my meditation to lift the vibration faster so ”my ship can reach further”. In stead of using half an hour reaching that state I can just take my stone with me and travel faster. It´s important to me to use my ENAGI when I´m calm and not when I´m restless, it works better that way. I feel that the ENAGI crystals are her to create good energy and help heal so even though it´s intense, it´s for a good purpose.

I also put ENAGI with my Aroma Soma oils so it can generate energy for them and placed it in my Amethyst cave so the two crystals can have an energetic interplay.

Heidi Hersom, healer Denmark
It is physically cleansing to have the crystals near me. They give a really good flow of energy and work on my energy system. I have become much mor clear in my communication, cut through the chase and tell it like it is in stead of beating round the bush.

I also use it to protect my energy system so I don´t take in bad energy from other people and places. It feels like a cool white energy surrounding and protecting me but if I get too much of that energy I become dizzy and lose my grounding. I feel the white energy in my meditation only when I use the crystals. It´s a higher energy that I can tap into from another, almost divine place. I know this white energy very well after working many years in the spiritual realm but the ENAGI bag intensifies the connection with it. I´m in a situation now where I need to find new grounds – I will use the bag in my meditations to find out what needs to happen now and keep it close to me for protection. I´ve also used it for jetlag - I travelled a lot to China and have had a lot of challenges with jetlag that makes me unbalanced. ENAGI helps me find my balance again.

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