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The ENAGI Bag contains one ENAGI crystal apx. 15-20 gram with a 50 cm or 2 feet ENAGI field range and 12 other balancing crystals. Keep the 13 crystals in the ENAGI Bag close to your body, where they will emit the life force constantly. They work together and should not be taken out of the bag – always keep the ENAGI Bag close to you. This will allow you continual access to the ENAGI field’s purifying and strengthening qualities and provide you with extra energy and strength in challenging situations. It is a good idea to have the ENAGI Bag with you when you go out, either in your pocket, in your handbag, or somewhere that will allow you to keep the ENAGI Bag close to your body. When you are at home, you can place the ENAGI Bag on those parts of the body that are in pain or in need of healing.

The ENAGI crystal (an energy enriched flourite crystal) that radiates energy without drying out or needing recharging. The 12 other crystals that channels the energy into the different parts of the body, it stabilizes and harmonizes the cells int the body so they can hold more energy.

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