Price: US$499.00
Tax amount
Weight: 17,5 ounces
Range: 50 feet (diameter)
Coverage: app. 1900 square-feet

The ENAGI HOUSE Crystal is good for creating harmonious energies in groups of people like a family because of it´s range of effect that covers more or less a house. It can be used for any space like offices, shops, reception areas where you want a good customer experience and for groups of people sharing a common goal like meditation or healing groups where it strengthens inner connection, awareness and insight. Because the ENAGI Field is very strong we don´t recommend buying it without having
purchased a small ENAGI Bag to balance, ground and support your personal energies when in the field of effect from the crystal. Also use it with intention to give the energy a positive direction. In families children are more in tune with the high vibration of the ENAGI energy and don´t need support like grown ups.

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