ENAGI strengthens your ressources - physical, emotional as well as mental - and gives you more clarity, inner calmness and strength.

The energy from the crystals flows to those places in the body where there is a need for energy and healing. Emotional energies that are stuck will begin to move, and the mind will be susceptible to new insights that can help to release old patterns and limitations. When one is within range of the ENAGI crystal, the crystal begins to purify and adjust energy patterns and fill us with limitless life force. The only thing that can limit our natural boundless development of potential is how much life force we are open to receiving.

The effect is comparable to that experienced from yoga or healing by a therapist – a balancing of body, mind and soul. With an ENAGI crystal within reach, you have access to this assistance no matter where you are – nonstop, 24/7 – and if it is combined with a meditation practice, mindfulness, yoga, or another kind of treatment, you will achieve results very rapidly.

Over time, even the deepest blockages will be cleared along with everything that is not in harmony with the individual’s original nature and purpose in life. The energy bypasses fear and early programming from family, school and environment and amplifies the personal and natural energies so they can develop in their completely pure form.

Feedback On The Effects

Some people experience or notice an immediate effect, while for others it takes a bit longer to become aware of what is happening. Still others don’t notice anything but they do register a change in their relationships or their lives in general. So it is not necessary to notice the effect on a physical or emotional level in order to achieve an effect. Subtle processes may be at work, and they can take time. For some people, it may be difficult to link what is taking place to the effects of the ENAGI crystals. Meditation or journaling can prove helpful in reinforcing understanding of the processes that are at work.

The ENAGI crystals have effects on many areas and levels – see a list of the effects below and user statements on effects and experiences with the field here – and the ENAGI crystals work differently on each person in accordance with the individual’s energy structure.

Some users have experienced more energy, felt calmer and happier, and some have had physical experiences with improved functional abilities and the disappearance of pain, while others have had more mental insights and spiritual experiences such as the ability to perceive old patterns in relationships or to suddenly feel more ’guided’ and connected to their life mission. Some use the crystals for physical healing on specific areas of the body, some to find solutions to their challenges, e.g. emotional problems, others to learn how to follow their heart more successfully, and still others are simply curious as to what will happen. But in general, all users will discover the beginning of a process in which the field clears away blockages and provides renewed strength to accomplish desired goals.

The ENAGI crystals appear to have effects on 5 levels:

Physical effects

  • Physical wellbeing and increased energy – either immediately or following a brief period of fatigue.
  • Disappearance of pain.
  • Improvement of the senses and functional ability.
  • Physical healing can occur.
  • De-stressing effect and feeling of deep calm.
  • Quivering vibrations like ’champagne bubbles’ felt throughout the body.
  • Hot and cold sensations.

Emotional effects

  • Feelings and sensations can flow more freely.
  • Suppressed emotions can come to the surface and be released.
  • Old emotional patterns and conditions such as fear, anger, jealousy and anxiety can be released.
  • Clarity and insight into emotional problems can be acknowledged.

Mental effects

  • Increased consciousness of own thoughts – visions arise.
  • Old thought patterns can be recognised and released.
  • Dream awareness/lucid dreaming.
  • Solutions can be found to problems and challenges.
  • Many new insights come to awareness.

Spiritual effects

  • A feeling of being guided by something higher or deeper, of the soul or a higher self, and an increased feeling of synchronicity in life.
  • Deeper contact with yourself and your inner self.
  • Clarity on your direction and the path forward.
  • A greater ability to make choices in life.
  • The feeling that new meaningful possibilities are simply arising, new projects, new ideas with a higher purpose and an experience of finding your life’s mission.
  • Deep ‘soul’ issues cease and a new chapter can begin.
  • Dreams become reality.
  • A feeling of being brought to a peak or experiencing a breakthrough i a situation.

Relational effects

  • Relationships being corrected and brought into balance.
  • Unhealthy relationships disappear or are rectified, and new relationships arise.
  • Relationships find each other in partnership.
  • Relationships form after a long period of being alone.
  • Dreams and ideas connect through relationships in new partnerships and projects.

It can be seen that the effects are numerous and highly varied, but what they all share is how the field crystal clears blockages and provides people with renewed strength to accomplish their goals and find their way forward.

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