Sandie Possman
I am so happy to see your website for the stones, I did not understand how to use them when I got them, so left them in the drawer by my bed. I do sleep more soundly now. I tried them a couple of times when I went to the gym to work out. I work out with a trainer to help build up my core muscles, to keep my back bones and joints from slipping out of place. When I had the stones in my pocket I was able to increase the weight I can lift and even after I didn’t wear them (no pocket) the weight increase stayed. This is significant because I didn’t not increase the weight I could lift for a year before that. Now I am increasing every month, even when I don’t have the stones on me. Also my knee had been very painful for a few days so I put the Stones on it and when I woke up this morning my knee is much better. I have the bag pinned to my blue jeans at the knee, this is really helping. When I took my jeans off to have a shower, I could feel the pain slightly, so I will keep them pinned there until it is healed.

Roseanne Rosvally  
I should tell you that I am not new to working with crystals, and have been doing so for almost 20 years. I would like to share with you some of what I have experienced working with the ENAGI Crystals. One of my issues involves breaking a habit. When I started working with the ENAGI crystals, I was reminded to state my desire in a positive way, such as "I take proper care of my body." That reminder was internal, and I believe was prompted by working with the crystals. This is still a work in progress. Last night, I was experiencing sciatic pain that was radiating down the side of my leg, and having trouble sleeping. I took some aspirin, which usually helps just a little. I put the bag directly on the sciatic nerve, and the pain went away almost immediately. When I removed the bag, the pain returned, so I slept with the bag on the sciatic nerve, and work up this morning with no recurrence of the pain.

Krista Neergaard Spliid, 88 years, Retired

”I wanted to lose some weight but can´t walk too far without getting really exhausted because I have KOL (lungdisease) so I tied the bag to my brah to keep it close to my lungs while going for a walk. Now  it feels as if I can just keep on walking and I´ve lost 10 pounds. I also placed the ENAGI bag on my forhead for 20 minutes every night for a week to improve my eyesight because I have double sight and now I can do my crosswords and read without using the glass as much as before."

Mark Holst-Mikkelsen, 42 years, Self-employed Strategy Consultant

”I was given a bag by a friend as a present so at first I didn´t think too much about what it really was - I just put it in my pocket. After a week I lost it and it wasn´t until it was gone that I noticed all the good things that had happened to me in the week that I had it on me - I had somehow felt better. Later I bought the ENAGI Room Crystal to try it out and after a few days I had some sort of insight into a pattern I´ve had in my relationships with women. I´m now working on changing that."

Malue Mary Montclaire, 43 years, Healer & Jewelry Designer

”I wanted to try the ENAGI Bag on my shoulder because I had had pain there for over half a year and I couldn´t seem to figure out what was wrong. So I tied the bag around my arm and slept with it at night. The first night was a little uneasy but after the second night the pain diminished and now it´s almost gone. I also noticed that I became much clearer in my priorities and made some big decisions. 

Lene Pedersen, 45 years, Bank Manager

”I was just curious and thought it would be fun to experiment with so I put the ENAGI Bag in my purse and placed it on me at night when watching the TV and I noticed how I started expressing myself in a more explicit way to people, saying yes when I meant yes and no when i meant no. Also I felt like making a vision for how I wanted to spend the next period of time in my life. It´s as if everything I aim at happens very quickly."

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