Our body, mind and spirit are constantly working together to maintain a perfect balance so we can function well. When you are within the range of effect of ENAGI this ability is enhanced.

The effect is comparable to that experienced from yoga or healing by a therapist – a balancing of body, mind and soul.

With an ENAGI crystal within reach, you have access to this assistance no matter where you are – nonstop, 24/7 – and if combined with a meditation practice, mindfulness, yoga, or another kind of treatment, you will achieve results faster.


ENAGI was tested on water at the Akloma Bioscience Lab in Sweden and showed that the affected water had a more harmoniously organised atomic structure and contained more energy after being exposed to a Room Crystal (100 gram, 3 meter range)

When our body, mind and energies are out of balance our water molecules (99% of our molecules are watermolecules) are similarily out of order and we start using our energy to correct the imbalance. When exposed to the vibrational field of ENAGI your watermolecules reorganize in harmonius structures and energy is released for other purposes.

Feedback On The Effects

Some people experience or notice an immediate effect, while for others it takes a bit longer to become aware of what is happening. Still, others don’t notice anything but they do register a change in their relationships or their lives in general.

So it is not necessary to notice the effect on a physical or emotional level in order to achieve an effect. Subtle processes may be at work, and they can take time.

For some people, it may be difficult to link what is taking place to the effects of the ENAGI crystals.

Meditation or Journalling can prove helpful in reinforcing understanding of the processes that are at work.

From what our users report back to us, the ENAGI crystals seem to have effects in many areas and on different levels – from physical, emotional and mental effects to spiritual experiences.

Some users say they have experienced more energy, felt calmer and happier, and some have had physical experiences with improved functional abilities and the easing of pain, while others have had more mental insights around old patterns, i.e. in relationships or more spiritual experiences such as increased syncronicities or enhanced intuition.

ENAGI is an experience. We recommend that you use it to infuse your life with higher vibration to support your intentions and to grow as a human being.


As a private person

We believe that anyone can influence their own life in a positive way. But it takes energy. And it takes energy on a high level frequency. Because our lifestyle brings down our vibration so we need uplifting.

When in the field of ENAGI your vibration harmonizes with the higher vibration of ENAGI and uplifts all other processes in body, mind and soul.

This expresses itself very differently in each individual but most people report some sort of wellbeing, calmness or feeling of flow when wearing an ENAGI bag on the body and keeping one of the bigger crystals at home by the bed and/or on the desk when working.

For the whole family to benefit use a House ENAGI.

As a professional

As a professional Practitioner you can use ENAGI either as a stand alone treatment or as an add on and support for any other modality or treatment in your own combination. Some professionals keep the bigger crystals in their clinic to work in a high vibrational field, some use the Session Set to relax their clients before treatment or after to integrate and others have their clients sit with the crystals in their hands during therapy or coaching sessions to ensure inner connection and raise awareness.

Teachers use the Temple ENAGI for group work.

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